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Take a look at our previous projects in this area:

BIZOL Website (2017)

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BIZOL Marketing Service Portal (2016)

CSS3HTML5jQueryMagentoPHP5Responsive Webdesign

Bora Website (2016)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignTYPO3

Teryt API (2016)

jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignXML/SOAP

BIZOL Online Shop (2016)

CSS3HTML5jQueryMagentoPHP5Responsive WebdesignXML/SOAP

OTA-Berlin Website (2016)

CSS3HTML5jQueryResponsive WebdesignTYPO3

BIZOL Solution Finder (2016)

AndroidCordovaiOSPHP5Responsive Webdesignsymfony2 FrameworkXML/SOAP

MEININGER Intranet (2015)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive Webdesignsymfony2 Framework

BIZOL Forum (2015)


Gande Reingungsmittel (2015)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignWordpress

MEININGER Website (2014)


Schoenhouse Apartments Website (2014)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignTYPO3

BIZOL Website (2013)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignTYPO3XML/SOAP

MEININGER Blog (2013)

CSS3HTML5jQueryResponsive WebdesignWordpress

BIZOL Partner Sites (2013)

CSS3HTML5jQueryPHP5Responsive WebdesignWordpressXML/SOAP